Thinking of children, the biggest influencer in the purchase decision, STATUS specializes its variety of services for this very demanding target:
– Creation, management and implementation of communication strategies aimed at children, online and offline;
– Appealing design, to create graphic concepts of the brands or packaging of products dedicated to this segment;
– Brand activation based on the emotional reactions of children and young people;
– Special events or projects with all the fun and fantasy, to achieve the target’s dreams.
With this variety of services, we are able to respond to the needs and expectations of the brands, to involve this young consumer affectionately with the desired product and always with the fulfillment of all communication laws related to the child target. The agency is thus able to offer an integrated marketing strategy that encompasses all communication and relationship between its customers and consumers.
This area is coordinated by Susana Zuzarte, who has over 30 years connected to the world of family entertainment. Susana made her debut in the Disney channel fantasy and became a marketing manager for Lemon, with extensive experience in special projects for the Panda Channel and the entire organization of children’s shows and minishows, such as the Panda, Masha and the Bear Festival, among others that children love. The professional supports STATUS in the creation of integrated strategies, aimed at the child target.

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