Chief Officer & Founder

Our musical key, without it we wouldn’t know how to read the musical score!
With its natural charm it will always be willing to motivate you, if you ask for an opinion you will have a conversation of at least an hour. Live a loving “knee” with Sol – Surf – Yoga. The sun gives him life, at surf makes great partnerships and with Yoga becomes the most Zen person of this company.

Chief Executive Officer

Our Maestro who does not play all the instruments perfectly but knows the sound that will come out of each one so that the 5th Beethoven Symphony can be played in perfect harmony.
AH! When you see the door to the room closed, the important matter you were going to deal with is no longer important… Do not disturb the calculations!

Operating & Puchasing Director

Kim Possible from STATUS. Whatever your problem you know her name, Lara Possible: Call her, a message will do, too, and you’ll have the solution!
Note: When our Kim is making a budget, do not disturb or risk hearing her “inflate balloons” the rest of the day.

Customer Service Director

Between the waves, to the sound of Beach Boys – Surfin Usa, commercial strategies can develop! But don’t be fooled, he can just yield with the sun and sea helping!

P. Manager & Operating Supervisor

Sweet mother who will teach you everything she knows.
During a musical Drop she has the best ideas and in a melodious apex she returns to the management of several clients at once, originating the number 1 song on Top Billboard.

Administration Assistent

Perfectionist to the extreme her work will always be supreme. Organization is her second name, but don’t mess with her when she is hungry. At the sound of Dj Pedro Tabuada nothing and no one leaves her standing.

Communication Manager

Crazy, crazy, crazy, while Cristiano Ronaldo scores goals our Ronalda accumulates awards! With duracell batteries, works, talks and laughs! “Funk NOOOO please!” She loves house music.

Project Manager

The music has the trio Melim, STATUS has Isabella! The musical group needs three people to play and we only need Isabella to make creative projects always with a lot of love, serenity and dedication. When “Ouvi Dizer” plays our multifaceted Luso-Brazilian, in design, organization and people management, will not be able to stop singing!

Project Manager

The word TOP has never been so pronounced, if it is not TOP TOP, it doesn’t go forward!
Details, animation and partnership will always be present in her life.
From a BIG event to a small gift, everything will be perfectly thought out, her clients will tell you, inspiration is not lacking because she: Can’t Stop the Feeling!

Project Manager

Our mix of Brazil + Porto + Madeira, with a Lisbon accent.
With phones in her ear was born, Spotify is all hers!
All kinds of music listen, but nobody’s knows her favorite.

Project Manager

Like the moon it also has its phases. The dearest and most helpful girl you’ll ever meet but she never be like you
Hardworking and always present, she livens up anyone with her air of contentment, with an EGG she will survive.

Kids Specialist Coordenation

Idina Menzel shines on Broadway. Susana Zuzarte shines at STATUS, constantly reminding us how good it is to be children. Her imagination has no limits when it comes to providing unforgettable experiences for the little ones. It is in the children’s world that he lives happily to the sound of “Hakuna Matata”. For Susana, children are the true spectacle of life!